butterfly-greenNewcomers’ of Saddleback Valley is a women’s social club promoting activities to enjoy in the Saddleback Valley area.

It is mostly made up of women like yourself! Some of us are retired, homemakers, single or married, and some of us are still working full or part-time. If you are interested in having fun, meeting exciting ladies and making life long friends, come and join in our activities and meet new people while having a good time!

The membership is open to both new and long time residents of Saddleback Valley. There is no limit to how long you can remain a member.

We have plenty of experience helping people like you make new friends and feel welcome! We are a great group of ladies that like to have fun together. So browse our web site and see all that we have to offer. Come and find out more about us and our membership. (Go to Membership Menu at top)


Activities and Interest Groups are one way to get to know ladies in the area. We have quite a variety of activities and interest groups. There is definitely something for everyone.

Special Events

Throughout the year, couples and singles attend various events such as theater parties, happy hours, comedy nights, outdoor theater concerts and costume parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered.